Three critical areas that need immediate attention are the education of our children, public safety, and economic stability.  

In education, the performance of Nevada public schools is among the lowest in the nation.  While our deficiencies in reading and literacy are at low levels, our legislature focuses on passing legislation trying to reduce discipline and prevent expulsion of those who disrupt and act violently in the schools.  They offer leadership and focus on how to segregate bathrooms based on gender and gender identity, or introducing gender alternatives to children, or implementing assignments on white privilege and racial victimization.  

Our education will improve by promoting a better partnership with parents.  Many AAPI schoolchildren are already performing better than their peers because of the involvement of parents and the cultural importance placed on education in those communities.  If we promote educational freedom, where parents are encouraged to know what their children are being taught and can have a more of a meaningful say in directing their child towards a school situation that is best for the child's needs, parental involvement will increase.  I will support the creation of a parent's bill of rights, to set into law what parents should be able to know and choose in the education of their children.  

As far as public safety, we've had legislation and focus that is more concerned about the treatment of those who break the law (and the racial composition of lawbreakers) than about keeping the community safe.  We've seen proposals to defund the police, and we've seen bail reform policies that facilitates those involved with violent crime to be on the streets faster and easier.  With policy directions like this, everyday Nevadans feel less safe in their communities than they should.  Legislation should have a stronger focus on public safety.  

Thirdly, Nevada families face substantial economic uncertainty, and while a lot of the problem is national, the state's laws are often not helpful.  When gas prices rose more than five dollars a gallon, the US Congress considered implementing a national gas tax holiday.  In Nevada, there's a law that says that any reduction in federal gas tax will be met with an automatic increase in state gas tax.  This would have meant that Nevadans suffering under high gas prices would get no needed relief.